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Making up a large part of the mess of dials and switches that appear on a mobile dj’s soundboard is the equalizer. This is one of the mobile disc jockey’s most valuable tools. Furthermore, not all music venues are created equal. Some are short and shallow opposed to cavernous, therefore prone to echoes and deep, full sounds. Also t he shapes of objects in a room can alter the way a song sounds.  A DJ uses an equalizer and other pieces of equipment. As a result they can make the sound great for each application. A DJ services prices are a “get what you pay for” deal. Not all DJ’s packages are the same or equal. The higher a DJ charges for their DJ Services, the factors include what type of equipment and how much experience they have for the services you need.

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          We offer mixing and mastering for your audio project.


The piece of equipment known as the “Equalizer” adjusts the sound to compensate for these differences. Plenty of audio equipment, including car radios, phones, and CD players, have built-in equalizers, rather than use these, Mobile DJ’s regularly use professional equipment to seamlessly mix together two different songs. Due to advances in technology it’s become much easier to blend songs..

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First of all each song is a combination of sounds, as well as its own high, middle, or low frequency. Equalizers turn these frequencies up (“boost”) or down (“cut”), depending on how the DJ wants the track to hit our eardrums. The equalizer’s job is to divide these frequencies into different bands, which the DJ then controls through the dials. Better equipment means a larger amount of bands and more manual control to boost or rather, cut the various frequencies in a song to suit the tracks being mixed.

Low-Frequency Sounds

Since low-frequency sounds are the hardest to hear special low frequency speakers are sometimes used. These sounds include the bass-heavy thumps that define dance music. While a subwoofer may be required because these sounds are harder to hear. In conclusion, the subwoofer generates frequencies around 40 hertz. Opposite of these sounds include the high frequency sounds of the “tweeters” or high parts of the speakers.


Finally, it is the job of the Mobile DJ to balance harder-to-hear, low-frequency sounds with melodic, middle-frequency sounds and easier-to-hear, high-frequency sounds. So when performed correctly, equalizing makes a DJ’s spontaneous mash-ups sound like a single, professionally produced track. In addition for more information on Mike Strip’s Professional Recording Studio please click here, opposed to the invoice form below. Los Angeles’s best DJ Sound & Lighting and more.

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Also, you will find our DJ Services Prices as well as Recording Studio Packages and private lessons!!!
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Terms and Cancellation Policy

Most noteworthy, dj sound, lighting and more by DJ Mike Strip livens up any event with on-location services that include mobile dj,  four hours of music and party lights.  First of all, Promotional value expires 90 days after purchase. Since the amount paid never expires for the date reserved. Payment in full also due before event (including additional hours if required.) (additional hours as much as normal rate.) Due to geography it is valid only within 50 miles of zip code 90275.  Especially relevant, while payment is a promise to reserve the date, there are no refunds or maybes.  Also, the price of services included as well as the DJ Services standard cancellation policy apply (opposed to fees not to exceed special price).

Promotional Offer and Travel

Limit 1 per person / 1 per household. In addition, promotion only valid once per customer or residence. As a result your reservation is required 2 weeks prior to the date of services because preparation needs to be made. Additional fees apply for distance outside of the travel radius while if it is please contact us and a fee may be applicable. Merchant’s responsible to purchasers for the care and quality of the advertised goods and services opposed to employees or subcontracted staff.

GROUP ON, we no longer honor

Furthermore, we  DO NOT honor Group-On® or other promotions. It seems like hiring a DJ is hard work but if you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email and press the call button on the bottom of this page. For DJ, Sound, Lighting and MC these were the services previously covered by GROUP ON but with a small speaker setup.

Promotional Package

Most of all, the promotional package is NOT VALID FOR WEDDINGS and/or CORPORATE EVENTS. Weddings are not the same as a regular party or function. Rather than hesitate anymore, for weddings contact for our partner company that specializes in weddings since weddings are quite specific. In conclusion the services are of DJ Sound & Lighting are equal to what we offer. In addition to this, let us know if you have a special request or need.

Types of Events DJ’s

Whether it’s for a nightclub, wedding, bar mitzvah, corporate event, prom, special event, music festival, pool party or birthday party, Mike Strip has everything you need in regards to DJ Services.

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