Equipment List, Mjent Recording Studio

Equipment List

Mjent Recording Studio and Event Services

The equipment mentioned here is subject to change at any time because we are continuously updating our hardware to be the most state of the art as possible. Furthermore the equipment list on this page is subject to change as we are consistently upgrading. The equipment list pictured below shows various pieces of equipment in our recording studio. The recording studio was built from the ground up with complete sound proofing.

What we can do

Our recording studio can do everything from a vocal demo, book on tape, promotional video or audition. MJENT Recording Studio has the best recording environment for your project. We’ve done projects for high school students applying to colleges and even the mastering for a grammy nominated album. In conclusion, we offer mobile recording services for an additional hourly rate. We can set up a mobile recording booth at your office or residence. In addition, this will be more than the regular studio rate.

Additional Services

Therefore, a list of rates are on the services section of our website. All recording studio setups are not rated the same. Also, we provide DJ and entertainment services. Furthermore, we offer competitive prices but will not be settling for just a regular studio. We get a high amount of calls for tours of the studio or consultations. Take into consideration that a week in advance is best to plan your visit to the recording studio. We go above and beyond to deliver you excellent service.

Equipment List includes:


Computers and Software
Macbook Pros
Ableton Live,Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Melodyne, Waves and more.

Interfaces, Amps, Effects Processors 
Komplete 6 by Native Instruments
TC Helicon Voicetone Synth with ART Mic Preamp
Hafler 220 Amplifier

Monitors & Speakers
Mackie 824 Monitors
Realistic Minimus 7 Monitors
Event 20/20 Monitors
Headphones include KOSS Pro-4AA, JVC HAM55-XW and Panasonic RP-HTX7

MXL V67 with Shock Mount
Shure SM57 Condensor & Various Vintage Microphones

M-Audio 88 Key Keyboard
Mackie Control Universal Pro
Pioneer DDJ-SX-N Limited Edition

Visual Devices
Sharp Video Projector
Muslin Green Screen
Various lighting effects, lasers and fog (for filming or music video purposes.)

Custom built 4 x 5 x 7ft. Vocal Recording Booth
Wall to Wall Auralex Acoustics and Sound Proof Partitions

equipment list, recording studio



DJ Services Equipment

• 2 Bluetooth Wireless 12″ Speakers

• One 12″ EVX-1 Subwoofer

• 2 JBL Eon 15″ Speakers

• Multiple Pioneer DDJ-SX Controllers

• 2 Macbook Pro Laptops

• Over 6 Effect Lights

• Led Uplighting

• Staging

• Epson Video Projectors

• Projection Screens

• Televisions

• Pioneer Nexus Mixer

• Wireless Microphones

• 2 Pioneer CDJ-2000 NX2’s

• 2 Speaker Stands

*  15″ Lighting T Bar

*  Speaker Stretch Covers