High School Dance DJ Los Angeles

High School Dance DJ

High school dance dj

A high school dance dj has some crucial responsibilities when it comes to performance. Not only do they have to have the latest and hippest music, they also must have clean lyrics and edits of tracks that are danceable. The responsibilities of a high school dance dj are to get the kids dancing and continuing to keep them dancing. Mike Strip plays music in accordance to the rules and regulations of your high school so that students are happy but still remaining responsible.Being active on the microphone but not overly annoying is another variable that comes into play with a high school dance.

Prom Night

Mike Strip has a history of performing at various high schools including many in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Diego County as well as the Desert Sands School District. Whether it’s for 50 students or 3000 students, Mike Strip has the lighting, sound and video screens and equipment to make their night the best it can be! Additional services include dance floor rental, photo booth and choreographed dancers. Some say, the most memorable night of a teenagers life is “Prom Night.” Mike Strip does everything he can to make the students feel welcome and happy with their special evening. The genres of music that Mike has include: pop, hip hop, trap, house, bachata, merengue, trance and more. Your high school will be excited about the music Mike plays.

Clean Lyrics

All clean lyrics as well as matching music videos for all songs played. Also, Mike Strip can provide any additional lighting or a/v equipment needed such as spot lights, uplighting, wireless systems and staging. Mike caters to all high schools budgets whether they are large or small. Feel free to give Mike a call today: (323) 542-5007 or email: bookings@djmikestrip.com to see his availability.