Music Festival DJ Los Angeles

music festival dj los angeles

Music Festival DJ Los Angeles

music festival is a festival oriented towards music that is presented with a theme such as genrenationality, or musician locality. Opposed to indoors like corporate events, they are mostly held outdoors. Most important, Music Festivals are inclusive of attractions such as food, merchandise vending and more. Consequently, many festivals are annual. Certainly, some include burning man, coachella, edc and sxsw. Eclectic, danceable and fun are words describing Mike’s music. While, he has many genres of music and the equipment to make the event amazing! His long track record of performance includes numerous events in Southern California. Also, Future House is a genre played at many music festivals. Therefore, a mix can be found here.

Sound Reinforcement

In addition to Disc Jockey Services, Mike Strip offers sound, lighting and visuals for your music festival. Therefore, Mike Strip is licensed and insured. For the reason that up to 15k people can enjoy Mike’s music. Hence, the size of the event determines the cost and equipment. Also, Mike Strip has backups of all equipment. Whether your festival’s in Palm Springs, or San Bernardino. Similarly, Mike keeps the show moving smoothly! Even if a sudden power failure occurs.


Due to planning please book 2 weeks in advance. Also, you can click the window on the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, mixes of his music are on As well as beatport & itunes. Almost over one hundred songs for TV and film he has produced. In conclusion, any genre or vibe you are looking for, Mike Strip provides it. Hence, your event will have the right sounds. In conclusion, recommended transportation by the upscale, averylimobroker.comAbove all, please drive sober or have a designated driver.

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