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Nightclub dj

A nightclub DJ must have various genres of music and a unique customized playlist for each evening. In addition to proper planning of the music, a solid social media following and email list is what makes a nightclub dj different from other types of disc jockeys. Mike Strip has spun at hundreds of venues from San Diego to New York. His style is a kind all it’s own. With a instagram, twitter and Facebook following of over 100k followers; Mike Strip can definitely bring a solid crowd to any nightclub he plays at. Mike Strip also has a well envied collection of music videos ranging from bass, trap, bachata, merengue, indie, electro house, pop, techno, dubstep and trance.

Filling the Club

Regardless of genre, he brings a show that is sure to excite any audience. Mike Strip has a long track record in the nightclub scene. Starting at clubs in San Diego during his college years he quickly built up a reputation. His mixes typically contain customized edits or remixes that he has produced before his set as well as live drum machine or instrument solos.┬áMike Strip has been a veteran in the electronic music scene for many years and his passion for music shows. Mike Strip has a huge collection of music that will get the crowd moving, getting more drinks and increasing the value of your facility. Whether it’s building an exclusive type of crowd for your club or as many people in the door as possible, Mike Strip can promote the event accordingly and deliver results.

More Services

Also, outside vendors can be contracted as well for your venue including security, party buses, bartenders, go go dancers, hip hop dancers and more. For a continuous following call Mike Strip to make your nightclub boom.

For dj bookings email: or call 323 542 5007.