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Special Event DJ

special event dj

A Special Event DJ is important for the success of your event. Mike Strip works particularly for special events and has all the right tools and equipment to help your event going as planned. In addition to the equipment etc, Mike has years of experience as a special event dj. Also, Mike is licensed and insured. Mike has been working as a special event dj for over 15 years as well as helped plan festivals with major music artists. Other than this, Mike has many wireless options for lighting, staging and video applications. Whether it’s for a grand opening or promotional sale nothing is too small or large. Furthermore, the planning of the special event is important and Mike gets involved in that. Special event Dj’s can be used at events such as:

• The Long Beach Grand Prix
• The Toshiba Invitational
• Victoria’s Secret Summertime Sale
• Fashion Shows or Promotional Galas
• BMW Annual Sales Event

It’s important for the dj to follow a certain format for your event. In addition to this, the music is custom tailored for your event. Rather than take a chance at equipment failing, hire a dj that has backups of everything. Other than that, the price of the services is flexible depending on the budget and size of your event. In conclusion, Mike Strip sets the tone as a special event dj that exceeds expectations. Not only will you have an amazing time at your event but Mike Strip is flexible in making any special requests possible. The DJ sets the tone and mood of your event. By having a DJ at your event it can:

• Draw attention to your business

• Increase Sales

• Attract potential customers

• Increase the happiness of your staff

Give Mike Strip DJ, a call today: (323) 542-5007. Or drop him an email: bookings@djmikestrip.com

Dates fill up quickly, so it is best to reserve your date in advance. To buy our services online check out our services section of the website. We accept various forms of payment as well.  special event dj