Wedding DJ Los Angeles

Wedding DJ

Wedding dj Los Angeles

Hiring a wedding dj can be hard work. There are a few very important things to consider when orchestrating the best options for your special day. It’s important to find out from your dj if they have all the necessary extra equipment and backup power so that your event runs smoothly. It’s also important that your wedding DJ is experienced and communicates well with your coordinator and caterer. For example a song playing too long can leave food under the heat lamp too long and not tasting perfect.

Mike Strip has brought up these topics because he has learned from years of experience. Also, choosing the right songs that fit the mood and capture the experience of your journey together. Your DJ also should have different packages or lighting and stage options for your event. The option of having a separate set up for the ceremony and reception is also a very important and is largely overlooked by many couples looking to hire a wedding dj.

Everything and more…

Mike Strip has equipment ranging from projectors to dance floor rental and everything you need. Most people do not consider the cost of renting audio video equipment. Mike Strip is a one stop shop for your wedding. Multiple microphones and recording of the audio for your videographer is another extra touch that Mike provides for your special day.

What’s Different

Imagine having a beautiful wedding video professionally edited and with a solid investment but poor audio. Mike Strip makes sure this doesn’t happen. Having a DJ that works as a team with your other vendors is an important facet that makes Mike’s service different from your average wedding DJ. Mike Strip is also licensed and insured which is a typical requirement for many professional wedding venues.┬áHe has a proven track record of performing at hundreds of California weddings from venues such as “The Athenauem” in Pasadena to the private beaches of Malibu.