Bass Music DJ Los Angeles

Bass Music DJ Los Angeles

Bass music dj Los Angeles

Bass music (also called UK bass or post-dubstep) is an umbrella term that refers broadly to electronic dance musicthat emerged in the mid-2000s under the influence of dubstep, breakbeat, drum and bass, UK garage, wonky, house, grime, R&B, and other electronic styles. In the US bass music takes on a trap style with some edm crossover. Mike Strip has been spinning this kind of music for years and specializes in this genre. As a music producer, Mike Strip brings in original remixes as well as custom edits for your event or festival. Bookings must  be made at least 2 weeks in advance and can be made via email: or on the services section of this website.

Mike Strip gets music from, various record pools, youtube as well as Vimeo. His obsession with finding the most moving bass tracks has motivated him to build a massive collection. Whether it’s bass music, trap or another genre of electronic music; Mike Strip has the latest and most cutting edge dance tunes and styles. If you’re looking for a bass music dj in Los Angeles, you’ve found the right one.

Bass Music DJ Los Angeles, Mike Strip

Small or large Mike Strip delivers with equipment ranging from the Pioneer Nexus series or turntables to something as simple as a DDJ-SX controller. Clients can buy additional sound reinforcement for up to 15k people. Mike Strip brings an audience and leaves each person with amazing memories.

As an industry pro for over 15 years, all equipment is provided no matter what. Mike Strip also works with other vendors including @averylimobroker. This company offers transportation for festival and club goers. Mike Strip guarantees a good time. A versatile collection of music, incredible live remixing and visuals as well as the freshest tracks make Mike Strip’s events some of the best in the business. Any questions? An associate checks all of Mike’s messages and someone will reply to any inquiries within 24 hours.