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Disc Jockey Mike Strip makes all necessary preparations, and as a result ensures maximum attendance at your event. Either fill out the fields below or call (323) 542-5007 and we will reply as soon as possible. Additionally  to contact Mike Strip, email:

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Weddings, events and more…

In the first place, since Orange County California is one of the top “go-to” destinations on the west coast for weddings and special event venues.  In addition, Mike Strip’s company “Michael Joseph Entertainment” won the award for best Wedding Music for the city of Costa Mesa in 2016. Especially relevant, Disc Jockey Mike Strip has performed at hundreds of weddings and events throughout the United States. Additionally, Mike will bring the same important items to every wedding or event, Thirdly Mike also goes over all the music that will be played months ahead of time so that every song played is expected.

Most noteworthy, Mike Strip was asked what were the two most important things to ask of a Disc Jockey for a future event he said: “A Disc Jockey with a plan and extra equipment, due to the chance of the unknown happening.” Mike Strip also has plenty of backups, coupled with power. Furthermore, in the event power fails the party still goes on. He’s a true veteran in his field because of more than 10 years of experience. In conclusion, with this in mind Mike Strip will make certain your event is a success. Most of all, customers can buy disc jockey services on our services page. 

Please contact: for licensing in regards to releases on Beatport and iTunes. For music mixing and/or mastering these are based on a “per project” basis because of’s terms and conditions.” Almost all prices can be found on the services section of the website. Most of all, various content on the website is property MJE, Whodany Inc., Mar-Tune Music and Songgram Records. Also, the discography section of Mike Strip’s Press Kit which has an up to date list of all compositions he has written.

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