Music Producer Mike Strip

Mike Strip has composed, mixed and mastered 80+ titles for television, film and more. He is an established music producer with 15+ years of experience. Also his productions have ranged from electro to dub step, trap and downtempo. Nonetheless, his production style is intricate yet inspirational. In addition to this, he’s broken the mold on all of his music productions, and has hand crafted many of his sounds from samples he has recorded himself. Mike Strip is always on the cutting edge with the latest sounds and styles. Fans can listen to his work on, itunes and on the links below.electronic-dance-music-dj

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Mixes by Disc Jockey Mike Strip

Mike Strip has mixes on soundcloud & mixcloud. Mike Strip tears it up at any festival or local venue with music ranging from hip hop to EDM. Many of his tunes contain edgy and hard hitting synthesizers. Other songs have glitchy drum samples encompassing many of his electro house, trap and dub step tunes. Mike Strip hand crafts all of his compositions and spends a lot of time making them perfect.  Click on the links below to listen to his original tracks and mixes.

mike strip soundcloudmike strip mixcloud


Beats for lease

Click on Beats for lease to see what beats are available for lease. The facebook group “Sell Your Beats” is also something worth looking into:

Furthermore, on “Sell Your Beats” artists can post their original tracks and network with other producers or performers.

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