Los Angeles Recording Studio Rental + Vocal Booth

Los Angeles Vocal Booth Rental

If you are looking for a Los Angeles Studio Vocal Booth Rental then look now further. Certainly over 15 years of experience in studio mixing and mastering. Certainly our head engineer  has mixed music for network TV and film as well as produced for many top 100 artists. Another benefit is that he makes your project a priority.

Vocal Booth Rental Equipment List

Computers and Software: • Macbook Pro & Dell Inspiron • Ableton Live
• Pro Tools • Logic
• Digital Performer • Waves     Interfaces, Amps, Effects Processors etc.: • Komplete 6 by Native Instruments • Alesis Ineko Multi-Effect Processor • TC Helicon Voicetone “Synth”
• ART Mic Preamp • Hafler 220 Amplifier Monitors & Speakers: • Mackie 824 Monitors
• Alesis M1 Active Studio Monitors • Nady HA-1X4 Monitor • Headphones include Panasonic, JVC HAM55-XW
 • EVX-1 12” Powered Subwoofer
• Acoustic Audio 450W Powered Speakers Microphones: • MXL V67 with shock mount.

Probably all the mics you need. Shure SM58 & various vintage microphones. Also, controllers: • M-Audio Axiom 25 • Pioneer DDJ-SX-N Limited Edition Production Setup • External 38” Monitor as well as Sharp Video Projector for projection mapping.

For music videos various lighting effects, lasers and fog (for filming or music video purposes.) • 9×8 foot green screen. Recording • Sound Proof Vocal Booth 4x3x7 feet. (Can be raised if you are over 6’8″ Tall.) • Mobile Vocal/Voiceover Booth as well! • Integrated Power System and Internal Cooling System. Some incredible sound design with a very quiet and balanced room. Auralex Acoustics, Rock Wool Insulation as well as Safeguard Sound Proof Curtains. Decibel reduction of over -45 db throughout the room.

Our Los Angeles Recording Studio also has:

• Wireless and Battery Powered PA Systems • iPod/Laptop DJ Systems • Technics Turntables • Pioneer DDJ-SX Surface Controller • Battery Backup Surge Protectors • 600 watt Self-powered 15” Speakers.

2 Macbook Pro Laptops   • Dell Inspiron Laptop • Mxl v67 Wired Microphone & Headphones inside Booth • 3 Passive Direct Boxes. In conclusion, broadcasting equipment available for a fee.

2 Wired Microphones w/Stands • Various Monitored Power Conditioners • Mackie HUI Controller.

Los Angeles Stage Sound Systems Gear Rental

• 8 Channel Xenyx 802 Mixer w/sends & EQ • 2 Passive Direct Boxes • 2 Wired Microphones w/Stands • 2 400 Watt 15″ Self-Powered Speaker • 1/8″ IPod, IPad or Laptop Cable. • Cables, Power strip and Extension Cords • Various Guitar and Vocal Effect Boxes.  Above all, call the number below to book your studio time before the time’s booked!Los Angeles Vocal Booth

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