Ninety One Band, New Music Video “Su Asty” Music Video Review

Ninety One Band

First of all, Ninety One Band – Su Asty Music Video Review by Bless Karl, Anna Vicctories and Mike Strip. Three industry professionals commentate on the first mind blowing, revolutionary music video of Kazakstan’s Boys Band “Ninety One.” They actually created their own new music genre that they called “Q Pop” which represents Kazak Pop Music. Also, Ninety One or 91 was formed by JUZ Entertainment in 2014. In addition, the band consists of five members: A.Z. (Azamat Zenkayev), ALEM (Batyrkhan Malikov), ACE (Azamat Ashmakyn), ZaQ (Dulat Mukhametkaliev), BALA (Daniyar Kulumshin). Furthermore, Ninety One is the founder of a new musical genre called Q-POP (Qazaq-pop, Kazakh pop), which originates from the Western Pop & K-pop. In conclusion, the band producer is Erbolat Bedelkhan, who is also a member of the Kazakh musical group “ORDA”. Most noteworthy, Bless Karl is the tattoo artist in this video. Likewise, you will enjoy this review.

@blesskarl – Tattoo Artist
@annavicctories – Social Media Personality
@mikestrip – Music Producer

ninety one band

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