Los Angeles Wedding DJ

Los Angeles Wedding DJ & Rental Services

First of all, if  you are looking for Los Angeles Wedding Dj Rental Services then look now further. Rather than take a chance at your special day, go with an expert that will make your wedding amazing.

Mike Strip has over 15 years of dj experience and has performed at hundreds of weddings, bridal shows, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, receptions, marriages and special events.

Most noteworthy, Mike Strip has been rated in the top 10 Los Angeles Wedding DJ Services.

Los Angeles Wedding DJ

Los Angeles Wedding Dj Services, Los Angeles County Live Music Services, Orange Country Live Music Services and Sound Reinforcement.

Mike has done live music and sound reinforcement for various cities and organizations around Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. He is very comfortable announcing and directing wedding proceedings as well as an incredible public speaker. He is also an established writer and musician. To read more about him check out his “press kit.

Los Angeles DJ Equipment Rental Services

Need Orange Country DJ Equipment Rental Services? Mike Strip has everything you need.

Los Angeles County and Los Angeles DJ SYSTEMS

iPod/Laptop Systems, Digital Systems, CD Player Systems, Technics Turntables, Two 500 Watt Self-Powered 15” Speakers., Laptop & Speaker Stands

20′ Wired Microphone &Headphones., 10 Channel Yamaha 10/2 Mixer w/sends & EQ, Behringer BCF 2000 USB Controller, 4 Passive Direct Boxes.

4 Wired Microphones w/Stands, Two 400 Watt 10” Self-Powered Speakers..

1/8″ iPod, iPad or Laptop Cable, Cables, Power Strips and Extension Cords

Los Angeles County Wedding DJ Rental Services, 2 Wired Microphones w/Stands, 2 400 Watt 15″ Self-Powered Speakers., 1/8″ iPod, iPad or Laptop Cable.

Cables, Power strip and Extension Cords., LED Spot Moving Head, 10 gobos + spot, 7 colors + white, 16 DMX channels & Wireless DMX System,

Multi-Colored Strobes, Uplighting, Various DJ Lighting Packages


Los Angeles Wedding DJ Lighting Packages

An example of one of our lighting packages includes:

Two Chauvet LED Panels, LED Water Effect, Led Moonflower, Purple Laser, T-Bar Lighting Stand, Source 4 for Metal or Glass Monograms, 575 Watt Lamp & Stand.

In addition it Accepts M-size gobos and drop-in iris, Super-efficient HPL lamp, In addition, Custom Monogrammed Gobo with names, company logo, or image.

250 Watt Halogen Lamp & Stand, Rotating Gobo (steel or glass), Manual focus with 25° or 32° spread angle, Accepts D-size gobos & drop-in iris, Continuous operation.

Therefore, SlimPar Wash/Up Lighting Kits, LED SlimPar 64 w/Wireless DMX, Red, Green, Blue, Amber Color Mixing, RGBA Bright LED Fixtures, Ambient Lighting for Weddings & Events.

Available in 6,10 or 20 unit kits, 700 Watt Fog Machine w/Juice, 2,000 cubic feet per minute, 5′ Cable with controller, One quart fluid tank, Bright Reds, Blues, Greens & White.

Color Changing Acrylic DJ Table, Slow, Medium or Fast Turning Motors, Sound-activated & DMX and Table Pin Spots, Great for shining down onto tables, Lighting for floral center pieces, cakes or other decor., Sound-Activated,DMX and iR remote, 2 Chauvet Spots and Purple Laser, Control DMX lights by Laptop, Mac & Windows Compatible, Chauvet Obey 40 DMX Contoller.

In addition, can Control up to 12 lights with up to 16 channels.

Similarly, 192Ch of DMX, 30 banks of 8 scenes for max of 240 scenes, 512 Channel 2.4Ghz Wireless  DMX System.

126 Channels with 7 Groups, Long Range 1500ft (visible), Power Supply 5VDC.

Rated Best Los Angeles County Wedding Dj Rental.

Mike can bring a unique and specialized playlist of music for your special event.


Genres Include:

Pop, Classical, Opera, Electronic, Ambient, Chill, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Electro, Electroacoustic, Electronica, EDM, Eurodance

Hardcore, Hardstyle, Mákina, Jazz, House, Electro, Moombahton, Minimal, Industrial, Rock, Nu Disco, Synthpop, Techno, Trance, Goa, Psychedelic, Trip Hop, UK Garage, Dubstep, Grime, Folk, Traditional, Religious, Stage & Screen, Cabaret, Dance Hall, Musical, Soundtrack, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Dance, Disco, Electronic, Funk, Afro-Cuban, Dixie, Fusion, Acid Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Latin, K-Pop, European, Reggae, R&B, Rock, Alternative, Britpop, Grunge, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Punk, Metal, Thrash, Glam, Grindcore, Punk, Anarcho, Folk, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Emo/Screamo, Soul, Brass & Military, Children’s Music.

Los Angeles County KARAOKE SYSTEMS Equipment Rental

Neo 22 & Voco Pro Digital Karaoke Machine (NO CD’s).

19” LCD Monitor

2 Wired Microphones

500 Watt 15″ Self-powered Speakers

Another system we have is a 4000+ Song Karaoke Machine and 2 Song Books

Above all, lots of extra Cables, Power strip and Extension Cords.

Also, for more information regarding Los Angeles County Wedding Dj Rental Services, equipment rental, gear, lighting, sound, karaoke, bridal, bachelor, bachelorette, reception, mic, speakers, please call  323 542 5007 to book your wedding or check out: www.michaeljosephdj.com to read more about his wedding services.

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