Advantages of Learning to DJ on Vinyl

Advantages of Learning to DJ on Vinyl

Learning to DJ on Vinyl is the original and best way to develop a solid foundation for DJing.

Forget the Cdj’s or controllers. Let me explain why learning to dj using turntables and a mixer is the best way.

• You rely on beat matching with your ears not your eyes.

• If a turntable breaks there always a replacement or more user serviceable parts.

• You learn the problem tendencies of mixing and easily learn where you make mistakes opposed to relying on technology.

•Turntables are larger and a 12″ platter just looks more impressive.

•CDJ’s and Controllers can’t scratch the way turntables can. Also, pinching the metal spindle to slow a track down is precision you can get from any digital interface.

Furthermore, the feel you get from vinyl is truly unique. The friction of the needle sliding over the groove on the record is truly mesmerizing. Also, the attentiveness and rotation of the record will keep your attention focuses. Laptop DJ’s or disc jockeys that rely on a screen tend to lose focus after several hours. In addition, the appearance of large platters keep the DJ more engaged. In conclusion, it offers better ear training, (noticing if the incoming song is faster or slower) as well as other ways to analyze beat matching.

Learning to DJ on Vinyl

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